Saturday, September 21, 2013

You have to...? Again? Okay, fine...

My immediate family is impatiently permissive with my blogging.  As in, "Okay, we understand you like to write, and we like your writing, but we wish it didn't take time to do."  Like my little one yesterday (this pic cracks me up so I'm using it again:)

At times while typing at a furious rate at the table, I sense a slightly disapproving presence looming behind me.  These generally disappear with a sigh after awhile. Spooky... :D

I'm constantly working at balancing normal life and this new hobby of mine... :)  Mostly, I sacrifice time sleeping for time to write....  Which likely results in some not-well-edited posts but, oh well...  No one's paying me for writing.  Not yet... :)  Hope springs eternal.

The extended family that's aware of my blogging activities have been very supportive and want me to try publishing.  Those who don't know I blog have not been told because they tend to be cautious of even humble email.  So... yeah.  :D  They would likely be displeased.  I don't like people displeased with me. Therefore... they remain in the dark about my clandestine blogger life over here...

And no, my parish family doesn't know I blog either... unless you find this through online methods, it won't be found: I'm not egotistical to walk around talking about my blog.  Not yet, anyway.  :D 

Of course, one could argue that my "parish family" doesn't know I actually exist.  This is partly my fault... you see, we are spoiled for choice for church services where I live: Mass times are pretty much every half hour Saturday night through Sunday morning.  So if you find yourself running late for the 11 AM at St. Peter's, there's always the noon at St. Kevin's, the 1 at the Cathedral, or the 8 PM at Providence College.  So, even if my parish were the neighborly sort that asks your name and what your story is and has coffee together after church, we haven't given them abundant opportunities to get to know our family...  Hopefully that will change someday.  

I do like my parish though.  The pastor is a fantastic preacher... I always leave with something to think about when he's giving the homily.  And a close second favorite to the preaching is the (blush) child-care for the pre-K set.  Oh yeah.  During Mass.  I actually get to pray so... Yes, I'm there whenever we can make it out the door completely clothed by 10:50.  :)

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  1. When we changed neighborhoods we didn't change parishes because our parish offered a nursery for the little ones, pre-school religion classes for the 3-5 year olds and Liturgy of the Word for children for grades 1-5. Unfortunately all they have now is the Liturgy of the Word for children.