Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mom allows kids to...

1. "Mommy, this is GREAT!  Oh, isn't this relaxing?  Isn't this THE BEST?  Here we are relaxing together in a HOT TUB!  I'm so tough cuz this is hot.  Yeah Mom, just you and me..."  (Loud, happy, dramatic sigh.)

2. I managed a smile and a quieter sigh.  Finally, finally I am on the long-awaited oxymoron known as a "family vacation," in the role of "mom."  And I had absolutely zero problem with being alone in a hot tub listening to nothing but bubbles.  I had taken a moment outside on a lawn chair to observe the sun setting over cornfields, a minute of solitude soon filled with, "Mommy!  I'm HERE!"  With all the joy in the world for it...

My nine year old felt I needed the pleasure of her company.  And who knows, maybe I did.  And maybe she needed it too.  I'd just seen her wade gleefully into a FREEZING cold lake and have the time of her life.

3. Just read this sweet article about an artist mom who is letting her little one complete her art work.  So I'll work on grace while letting my daughter complete my moments of restful hot tubbing, filling it with her girlish chatter.

4.  I love being here in Northern New England.  The lakes and the mountains are just gorgeous, and their austere majesty is just inspiring... at least if all four of your girls are not singing, "Baby you're a FIAWORK!!!" at the very top of their blessed lungs as you gaze on the wonders of creation.  Which they were.  When they weren't complaining of carsickness or boredom.

We encouraged them to look for moose.  It did not work.

5. Speaking of family time, I need to get back to the various children stomping around in wet bathing suits.  They've kept up steady requests for cottage cheese and directions on how to work the shower as I've typed here at the table.  Even the token male in our family was asking for help getting our three year old to put down the hotel broom, which she alternately was using to sword fight her sister (who brandished a tennis racquet) and then employed it to fly on, off the couch.

"I could use your help Kate, if you're available."  This just in.  Gotta go.

(Un)fortunately, I inadvertently answered today's question yesterday.  C.S. Lewis's books have affected me like no other, though Tolkien is a close second.  And my all time favorite movie is "It's a Wonderful Life."  Yeah it's sappy, but it's true: even when what you do every day doesn't feel important, or noticed, or wonderful at all, it actually is.

"I lift up my eyes to the mountains--from where does my help come?
My help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth." Psalm 12:1-2


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  2. I appreciate you linking up while on vacation. It is so vital to be patient and take time with little ones. Love the link on the child helping the artist mom. Wow! I always feel like I'm telling my little one to go away, go away. I have to stop and remember that it isn't fair to him sometimes. He sings Katy Perry loudly too. Thanks, Kate!

  3. I was recently thinking how much I really needed a vacation. In my life "before child" I loved taking cruises. I SO want to go on a cruise. But I already know that the memories of laying out on the ship deck soaking in the warm tropical sun will not be happening. Instead I'll be chasing after and keeping up with my two-year-old as she explores the ship - while hubby is totally relaxing. The same routine I have at home. Oh well...

    1. Catching up on comments: Don't lose hope, Miss Beignet! :) Though perhaps not immediately, cruises will again be in your future. The kiddos won't always be attempting to squeeze through the rails and take a swim. Hang in there. :)