Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top Ten Things you hope your kids don't yell while you pay at drive-thru

(And my kids have said most of them.:)

10.  "Look!  A PLAYPLACE!  WHAT?  We are NOT going to the playplace?  WAHHHH!!!"

9.  "My mommy doesn't like crazy-painted nails.  Like yours."

8.  "Can I JUST get a slushie?  Or do we not have money again this week?"

7.  (On bad mommy days): "Why do we have to come here again?  We were just here this morning!"

6.  "Baby just [disgusting bodily function verb, past tense.]"

5.  "NO FAIR!  She had a munchkin last week, and I didn't have one, and that's SO NOT FAIR that she gets that again..." (!!!!!)

4.  "You know that huge bag of garbage you just put in the drive-thru trash can, mom?  I found some more!!  And it's a DIAPER: LOOK!!"

3.  "Fwies!  FWIES! FWIES!  Where FWIES??  Wahahah..." (And there's a 10 minute wait on the blasted things...)

2.  "So Mom, IS there or ISN'T there a Santa Claus?"

1.  "How exactly did God put me in your tummy, Mom?"

(The last two actually happened.  Recently.  At a drive thru window.)

May your days be filled with (easy, quick, healthy, and popular) home-cooked meals...


  1. LOL. Apparently you can turn the tables on them once they're older. My mom STILL says insane and embarrassing things to the poor drive through clerks.

  2. Too funny! Kids have pretty perfect timing, don't they?