Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Update on Rosie

I know many of you are praying for Rosie Grimm (for which you are greatly thanked!) so I'm passing on what I received today from Rosie's mom:

Dear Friends,

 Two weeks have passed since we received that awful prognosis, and to our great joy Rosie has been able to attend Mass with us, in her wheel chair, both yesterday and today.  We do not believe that anything underlying has changed.  But whether due to steroids and chemo or prayers (probably all three!) her most painful symptoms have subsided.  She has increasing weakness, mostly on her left side but somewhat also on her right...nevertheless, she is able to transfer to her wheel chair, and to have some real fun with her visitors -- the last two weeks have actually had a great deal of joy in them, both for Rosie and for us.

So we continue to thank you all for your prayers and other help -- we have received so much kindness -- beautiful meals, lovely cards, lovely visits.  Rosie and all of us are praying for your intentions.

Love and thanks, Rose

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