Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Snapshots of turning 4

Been so busy celebrating the day I've had no time to "post" it till a few minutes before midnight...  Here are images from Cecilia's big 4 day!  :D

On our way to the zoooo!!

We found out emus nip, unintentionally...

Sheep with horns with cow markings.  Bizarre.

Oh!  Deer!!

"All aboard!  Ladies and gentlemen, please don't be late!" were her words here...

And we, are never, ever, ever, getting off this playground were my thoughts here (trying not to rush them and all)

Adorable.  Hard to photograph.  A complete ham, always pulling a face when she sees a camera...

Except when she forgets.  Then you can see big, blue eyes :)

Love her expression!

Why not high five the rock, huh?
Took castle building very seriously

Aggressive and sweet, very Ce

She likes birthday service:  Here she is waiting for her sisters to plant her bulbs, so she can water them...

This cake had her name and balloons on it and everything.  Until she "decorated" it to her taste...


She had a wee bit of trouble sharing at first... it's hard to have birthdays so close together...
But they made up later, because they are best friends.  :)


  1. Great pictures. Happy Birthday, Cecilia! Love that cake. One big pile of sugar. Thanks for linking up, Kate.

  2. What a great picture show of Cecilia's big day! Looks like lots of fun!