Monday, September 16, 2013

My life as reality TV?

Today I have a question I'm not going to answer, much. :)

"Monday, September 16, 2013: Dramatization. What part of your life closely resembles a storyline in a reality TV show or soap opera?"

If I had more time to watch TV, I would probably be able to pinpoint the reality show my family would most resemble.  Maybe it's like "So You Think You Can Survive the Amazing Race to Get To Church On Time?"  And something about Goose Monarchies or whatever... I really should get caught up on pop culture, huh?

As for the soap opera stuff, that's a fun question.  And there are parts of my life that do, occasionally, resemble soap operas.  And while they would make highly entertaining writing, eh... I can't do it.  :S Soap operas tend to involve other people and... yeahhh.  Maybe I'll answer that question in 30 years when people would be... less offended?  Have moved on?  Hmm.  We'll see... so for once, for now, I'll just be mysterious and take notes.  ;D

While I can't answer this for the present, as for the past.... well, my family was one of the original homeschoolers in the state back in the 80's, and we were like all paranoid and didn't leave the house during school hours for fear of "being reported for truancy"... That would likely have made an excellent reality show.  :)  And as for soap operas, I did spend some time in college dating two different guys, nearly (but not exactly) simultaneously.  It was confusing and complicated but since I was so very well-intentioned and trying to do the right thing so very much, it would likely make for a boring soap. I'd give it one short season.  :)

I'm now being called back to the reality of a kid with a queasy tummy; a daughter who shall remain nameless consumed about of strawberries in a sitting.  Sigh... Au revoir! 


  1. "So You Think You Can Survive the Amazing Race to Get To Church On Time?" Ha! Ha! I think you do have a reality TV show in you. Hope your little one is doing OK. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Now that's funny! Mine would read more like the the Amazing Race to Get to Church At All - With a 2 Year Old! One of the last times she went (note I said she), she acted a fool! An usher actually had to escort us to the "Parent's Room" where I had to watch the remainder of the service on TV. Talking about embarrassed...