Friday, September 6, 2013

"The Decorative Scoop"

Ah.  You have happened upon one of my strengths.  :D

I have been asked the following question for my September Even Day Challenge: "Share 1 or 2 of your favorite recipes, DIY projects, or beauty/fashion tips."

Thus, here are Seven Quick Takes to a fun family craft: "The Decorative Scoop."

1.  Obtain an empty milk carton.  Rinse it out.  (I find the 2% "Great Value" from Walmart works best.)

2.  At this point, you won't be able to find the scissors.   Just trust me, ya won't.  So give your husband a sharp knife.

3.  (Husband's love sharp knives).

4.  Ask your husband to make your humble milk jug into a "scoop."  He will intently engage in the task (even though you interrupted his dinner.)

5.  In an effort to involve the whole family, peel stickers off the wall and have toddler decorate your scoop.

6.  I find that "The Decorative Scoop" is very versatile.  Suggestions that come to mind involve sand, cereal, and kitty litter, though I would recommend making a separate "Decorative Scoop" for each individual purpose.

7.  Here, my daughter demonstrates with Cheetos.  Note her surreal joy as she successfully pours her snack into a bowl.

Reduce, reusing, and recycling, this activity will have your kiddos and spouse begging for more, and demanding "Why are we doing this, Mom?  No, really?"


  1. How funny! I love that it's a family affair.

  2. Oh...this was so funny! That line about the 2% Great Value working best, totally cracked me up!! This is the kind of craft I could do!

  3. Good old-fashioned family DIY. Thanks for linking up and sharing. I cut a hole in my empty milk cartons and stuff plastic bags in them. My grandmother used to do it.