Friday, September 20, 2013

Things that make me happier, healthier, and wiser

That's an interesting question for a mom of many, in full-time survival mode, during the "witching" hour when everyone under 18 is just a wee bit screamy over nothing.  Like, nothing.  Like, "Filet mignon?  C'mon MOM, that's GROSS."  (Okay I made that up, but stuff like that.)  And the toddler is just plain, "AGHGHRRRRHAHAWAAWAA."

Actually, she's currently saying, "MOMMY!  NO!  LIE!  DOWN!"

Case in point:

Mommy, how COULD you??
Apparently, leaning back while typing is analogous to (God forbid) lying down.  Which is currently, it seems, anathema.  She fears I may not be adequately able to open her popsicles from this position perhaps...

I have learned how to be happier as a mother... I think it took years though.   There was definitely a curve. But eventually, I learned to let things go more, and not have the constant messes that kiddos make get to me (as much).  I've learned to drink more coffee.  I find being more awake makes everything sooo much easier to handle.  I've learned to really (really really) appreciate the quiet when I can get it, and use those rare times--whenever possible--to do something that makes me feel like, well, me.  I like trying very (moral) non-mommy things whenever I can.  Like ziplining, archery, kayaking, and painting most recently... (love Paint Nite, I do...):

Being healthier is also much trickier as a mom: you get little sleep, you forget to eat, and then you eat what is there, which is usually a leftover chicken nugget.  You join a gym and want to exercise but your kids get sick sometimes and then you don't go and then it throws off your routine.  You try to exercise at home during the day, but the toddler shrieks in dismay to see mommy doing karate hip hop with the TV; you try to do it when they are asleep and then you laugh because, see the first problem above: you need sleep, so badly.

So... besides attempting to eat more vegetables, I try to just go outside in the sun.  Winters are tough for that, so I'm trying to be outside as much as I can these days... I'm happier there.  And even when I'm exhausted, I find I can do yoga.

Being wiser... well, reading helps with that.  I'm having great difficulty finding time to both write and read, but I love when I succeed.  And homeschooling has been fantastic for relearning old material and, I admit, learning some new things too. :)  But most of all... remembering to pray is important for me.  And learning to be patient, waiting on God's mysterious timing.


  1. Katie, where do you do "paint nite"?

  2. Hi Kinga... everywhere! :) You should come! Check groupon/living social. :D

    1. Let me know when you are doing the next one, and where!

  3. Love how you are doing so well and can be so open on how hard it is. I'm only a Mom of one and I find it really hard.

  4. You're making things happen. That's all that counts. Kudos on the ziplining. You saw my experience with that last year. Ha! I want to do yoga. Must try that soon. We have a Paint Nite in my area, it's called Painting With A Twist. I'm learning to be patient too with God's timing. Thanks for linking up!