Saturday, September 14, 2013

What I listen to

I am about to be soundly made fun of...

Per the question of the day, I'm listing 5 of my all-time favorite CD's.

(I was asked.) :D

1.  Josh Groban.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... but yeah.  What a voice!  Relaxing and beautiful. I think of Pepper with this one:

2.  I love polyphony (many voices, no instruments.)  So reflective and prayerful.  One of my favorites is Voices of Ascension and the works of Palestrina.  Love singing it too...

3.  Pink (I'm going to make EVERYONE annoyed today, absolutely everyone, not a friend, fan, or follower left I tell you.)  Not sure what my favorite CD of her's is, and I choose to reinterpret some of her lyrics because I don't like disgusting stuff but... yeah.  If I want loud, angry music, it's Pink. Here's a karaoke version so you don't see anything untoward... it's kinda pro-marriage, this one, right?

4.  Simon and Garfunkel.  Cuz it's fun

5.  Loreena McKennitt: Love her version of "The Lady of Shallot."  English major, Anne of Green Gable stuff and all that....

Favorite English professor got me hooked on this group in college: The Anonymous Four.  Middle English.  Neat.

Glee clubs in general, like this from WPI which my husband sang with back in the 90's. Accapella is so much fun...

Okay this was more than five but... I'm also blessed to know people with some amazing voices personally.  I'm proud to say I was in choir with countertenor Christopher Lowrey when he was a kid... his voice is amazing.  Really like butter.  Ridic. (Short for ridiculous... can I have that word?  I want that word...)

And Imelda Franklin Bogue, fellow mom and blogger... I've plugged her before, but for real, she's onto something good... looking forward to that!

Got a birthday party tomorrow; see you then! :)


  1. Another blogger chose Pink for their post too! Love the diverse selections. Thank you for linking up and sharing.

  2. Oh, I had forgotten about Loreena McKennitt. Good choice!! I love her sound.

  3. It was tough to pick just five, right? I love Simon and Garfunkel. And Josh Groben , too. His voice is just incredible. I may not want to listen to him all day every day but definitely as part of a well balanced music meal.
    I have a real soft spot for Acapella groups. I was so sad that the reality competition show featuring these groups only lasted one year. You have to be crazy talented to sing acapella and not hide behind some producer's remixing!