Monday, September 9, 2013

Oh oh couple more blogs I read

I was asked for two... I gave four, but I should mention a couple more. :D

Some funny great fellow Catholic mama bloggers: One Catholic Mama and Our Little Nut House.

And oh, one of my dear RI friends, a woman I really look up to who is HIL-a-rious: The Domestic Goddess.  Oh my.  Oh totally!

I'm doing a reflective piece tomorrow so no top 10 again this week :S... good news for me is that I found out my project for next month: along with my regular posts, a photograph a day in honor of Pepper.  Cuz I love her.

Will chat tomorrow! :)  And PS, if you "liked" my page, you can see vacation pictures! (Thank you guys!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow..thanks for mentioning my blog...

    And, I just spent way too much time reading The Domestic Goddess....too funny!! Another great blog to add to my reading list! So many blogs to read, so little time.