Sunday, September 15, 2013

My baby's birthday

The youngest of the kids I have (this side of eternity) turned two today.  It was a sweet day of bubbles, swings, cake, and great friends.

My second youngest turns 4 this Wednesday (yeah, close birthdays, I noticed).  These two birthdays have been making me think of the most maudlin father-daughter dance song ever written, used by Felicity's godmother at her wedding actually...  A song so absurdly sad it makes me smile widely every time I hear it.  Go get 17 tissues just in case.  (snicker sob)

Anyway.  So that's catching you up on the news... I've been asking by several what we actually did on our vacation: well we stayed in Maine, not too far from Santa's Village...

Also in New Hampshire, we shouted while swimming at Lake Echo (enjoyably true to its name!),

gasped at the edge of Cathedral Ledge (you drive up, walk a few feet, and bam the world is in in miniature below you),

then we froze at Jericho Park.  The water was warmer than the air, ya know?

We took a day trip to Montreal where we (poorly) used all the tiny bits of French I'd gleaned from my four years of it in high school,

and... I checked something off my bucket list that was so fun I want to repeat it: I had my maiden zipline trip.  SO fun, once you get past the jumping off a great height bit.  I thought my little ones would be scared to see mom fly over them, but they were enthusiastically yelling "BYE!!" when I flew down the cable and over the river.

Like how they call you a "Loon" as you jump, eh? :)
In other news, I am still (yes, unbelievably, still) getting more blood work results on the events of March.  I had to wait a certain amount of time after my loss to get tests done, so that this past week I was troubled by phone messages like, "Please make an appointment as soon as possible; the results we received need to be discussed in person."  Not willing to add high blood pressure to my list of ills, I called and demanded a "hint" at what was going on.  So I was given the most useful info that (and I quote) I "have certain markers which indicate that I could be susceptible to blood clots, but that doensn't mean I would get blood clots, and even if it did mean, it would not affect my medical care."

Whatever.  I dunno.  The tell-all appointment (such as it is) will be on Tuesday... we will see if any of the results are at all useful.  Thanks for your prayers.

"Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid."  John 14:27

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