Monday, April 21, 2014


No, not "attention to the presence of God in the soul."  This time, recollection simply as "the action of remembering something."

For instance, remembering: "Just because the house is drowning in candy does not mean I should constantly eat it."

That's hard to remember. Especially when you're thinking "Feast Day! End of Lent! Yippee!" And especially when all the candy is now on sale. 


Enough talk about candy! I also recall a gorgeous sunset, visible through the doors of the church over the Easter fire. That would definitely be a high point of this holiday: the Easter Vigil!  A lower point would be telling my family we couldn't come over because a couple of my kiddos had fevers too recently; seriously, what is it about my family and sickness on holidays?

That and visiting the cemetery where someone apparently stole my angel statue from Pepper; what is wrong with some people?!?! And the bittersweet experience of scrolling through Facebook at happy family pics and babies dressed in pink. Pepper would have been almost eight months old this Easter. That is not always easy to recollect.

Back to the candy....

One way to solve the problem of me overdoing the chocolate is to feed the kids more candy, so that I personally don't eat as much.

Of course, then you get something like this:

Convincing her that it was a wee bit chilly for water guns, despite her older sisters' opinions, I brought her inside. She crawled onto daddy's lap, singing a babbly, slurred version, of "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile." The loud song ended suddenly; she just cashed out, fast asleep. And before she brushed her teeth!

I looked at my sleeping "baby." And I was fully dressed, once again. :)

"Remember, Lord, your tender mercies and your gracious love; indeed, they are eternal." Psalm 25:6

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