Friday, April 11, 2014

Jumper queens

Don't bother googling it (I tried)... if you do you'll get hunter horses in shows or suicides in New York. But the definition I learned of "jumper queen" was the not-so-nice description of the (supposed) favorite clothing choice of a homeschooling female.

I have no idea what people are talking about.  Just look at this high-quality photo of a perfectly normal ultra-Catholic homeschooling family--myself and my siblings--circa 1990.

Yesterday was "sibling day" and I had the opportunity to rifle through old photos and so got to enjoy this one again...  Clearly, I was. rather, a" puffed-sleeve princess", and there's the proof.:)

I'm currently dressed in a worn and fluffy bathrobe, with no hope :( of attending the culminating event of my first wonderful homeschool co-op, full of (actually) fashionably dressed moms. Hubby will soon be taking all the kids out while I convalesce from the honest-to-goodness flu, test-confirmed this afternoon along with a sinus infection.  Yes, in April. And yes, I had the flu shot, had to because I volunteer at a hospital. Draw your own conclusions (grumble growl sulk).

This is my fourth "get in bed and stay there" germ I've gotten in five months. I really, really hope I will now be immune to everything, because Moms don't get sick days, you know?

Gonna rest my pounding head...will really write again someday soon, really. Ughhhhh

"Just as Christ is risen from the dead by the glory of the Father, 
so we also may walk in newness of life." Romans 6:4

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  1. Somehow I find that I get sick & my husband hardly ever does. And he teaches! I hope you get better soon.

    (I remember rocking a jumper or two back in the day.)