Tuesday, April 1, 2014

About chatting with you, more often...

This will be brief, as a two-year-old is dancing on my lap, yelling toddler profanities. Maybe. Honestly I'm not sure what she's saying, I'm trying to do this... 

Oh wait, update: she's yelling because her happy meal toy unicorn is not the same purple pattern as the four-year-old's purple patterned toy unicorn. That's why she's tantruming.

And that's why I don't blog daily.

Except when I enter a blogathon, like I did today--last minute as usual--called "Blogging from A to Z." Supposed to blog daily, except Sundays, on topics starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet.

"Snort," says the Mom in me.  But the writer in me is all "Surrrwa. Why not?"  Force me to say hi to y'all briefly, once a day.  Keep up the relationship and all. 

So today's topic is "About" the Blogathon.  LAME. I know. Some people joined in January, and have this planned out.  They don't join contests and type with toddlers on their laps. They're smarter and better, and I freely acknowledge that.  

If I had my act together, I would be blogging about, "Abandonment to Divine Providence."  But no. Today is "About."  And "April."  And "apple core."  Like the one I can see-under-the-TV-this-very-minute-are-you-serious?!?  Sigh.

Happy April, everyone.  The sun is shining.  Best gift ever. 

Oooo.  Maybe I can quote a Scripture verse starting with each letter every day, eh, eh?  Why not?  Get back into the swing of things?  Making this up on the fly here...

Really stopping this post now. It just seems so... short.  Huh. Weird.  Feel I should keep typing about something deep, or funny, or engage in humorous grieving or something.  Or tell you how everyone at Homeschool Co-op today like the same idea from Pinterest and brought Brown E's to class... get it? Construction paper letter E's!  That were brown! (snort)  

It's a BROWN-E!

I'm already using the wrong letter!  I'm such a rebel!  Mwahaha...

Yes, I'm leaving now, bye...

"As the deer panteth after the fountains of water; so my soul panteth after thee, O God." 
Psalm 42:1

P.S. This verse (in Latin) was my favorite choir song in choir: have a listen. :)


  1. Great start to challenge!

    Timothy S. Brannan
    The Other Side, April Blog Challenge: The A to Z of Witches

  2. Ha, my post is about an apple core today : )

  3. Ha! Hilarious first start! I'm popping in from the A-Z, and got a kick out of your blog here. I'm a new follower. :-) come visit me, if you'd like: http://adventuresintheballpark.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks, great to meet you all! :)