Sunday, August 4, 2013


I am currently typing while a tiny portion of my back feels red hot... I got stung _again_.  This has been a banner year for me and bees... apparently the year to face my greatest fears.  Let's see, I can check off death, bees, heights and flying (will be hopping on a plane the end of next month.)  I feel about done with this, and now feel behooved to avoid ocean swimming since my other phobia is sharks (yes I religiously IGNORE "shark week"...) what's the name of that fear?  Hmm... Geleophobia, there we are.

I needed a laugh... there were no bees involved in the making of this film.  :)

While helping my husband rebag (yes, REbag) copious amounts of leaf and lawn detritus from regular, inferior Home Depot lawn and leaf bags into narrow, paper, annoying city approved leaf bags... anyway, I somehow uncovered some venomous insect's dwelling and he most rudely flew up my shirt to tell me about it.


But I'm okay now, swallowed two benedryl and Advil, denying the woozy feelings and just gonna do this blog post till the end.  And the end is right about now.... because this hurts and makes me feel weird and I can't write well when I hurt and feel weird so I'm going to have a pout.  This is where I grab an ice pack and sulk on the couch while watching reruns of SNL. 

Till tomorrow my friends...

(Searching for evil bee scripture... ah yes...)  "They swarmed about me like bees, in the name of the Lord I cut them down."  Psalm 118:12  Mwa ha ha!!!Current happy thought?  Killing bees!!  Will deal with my love of agriculture tomorrow; for now I will indulge my happy anti-bee fantasies...  Good night!  Owww...  Where's the chocolate...

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