Monday, August 12, 2013

Bound for camp

Started about three different posts, and mentally flatlined.  Low on sleep.  High on caffeine, which--when you're really tired--gives you an awful buzzy feeling while still not being able to sleep.

Not that I can sleep yet anyway: still helping two excited tweens pack.  Like actually pack, and not just add clothes and odds and ends to suitcases.  Meanwhile, hubby has been sick for days with food poisoning (please God, let it be food poisoning) and I'm feeling... less than perfect.  With two toddlers enthusiastically confused about the goings-on of the household.

Got a gig writing letters to my daughter.  The second one.  The first one didn't open the letters I gave her, one for each day, last year.  Seem's homesickness was not an issue for her.  :)  She's getting those notes back.  I will recycle them till she reads them, as she goes to this camp once a year.  :D

To ward off homesickness, I'm considering taking a shot of myself holding a sign saying, "Chore time!"  tee hee

Signing off to get ready to send these two off for a week in the woods, with love and prayers and a little bit of nail-biting.

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