Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big brother

"Kate, you shouldn't wait till there's a fire before you take care of yourself."

Wrapped in hubby's black bathrobe, I looked and felt like the ghost of Christmas future.  Pretty bad. Dizzy and dazed and extremely nauseated, I groaned an agreement, but too late to fix it.

Racing about, preparing my kids for camp, supervising haircuts and running last minute errands, I'd been nursing an iced coffee throughout the day.  And ate nothing else.

I just forgot.  But my Crohn's did not.  Ugh.

We did get the two girls safely to NH today, and the house is strangely quieter.  But last night, I was having a flare-up and their departure did not look promising.

With hubby still recovering from food poisoning, I'd mumbled a phone call to my brother. In my family, he's the one with all the supplements, the guru who listens carefully to any combination of symptoms and produces the perfect supplement antidote to whatever ails you.

At the moment, I was getting a cocktail of organic whey, l-glutamine, and turkish figs in a blender, and several pills to swallow.

Armed with a backpack of supplies, Dave came over within ten minutes of my phone call. Systematically sterilizing the blender, he kept up a steady monologue of how soon I was going to feel better and what powder and mineral did what.  How he's getting closer to finding the perfect rotation diet to combating the auto-immune issues that plague me.  He'd pause only to check on the occasional scuffle as the girls finished packing and settled in for the night.

Blearily watching him from my horizontal position, I heard his words through a haze of queasiness. Trying to pull myself together for the trip to NH to drop kids off to camp, I put my confidence in my brother, my best buddy through childhood with whom I built legos, crashed matchbox cars on the braided rug, and oversaw a nation of Pound Puppies (and Purries).

Drinking the sludge that works every time, watching him toss water bottles and protein bars on the bed beside me for when I felt better, I still see my girlhood hero.

So do me a favor: set me a good example.  :) Take time to drink some water.  Stretch when you feel achy.  Get a good night's sleep if you can.

But if you can't, you're in good company.  :)  Think I'll try to go to bed now...

"A Psalm of David: I waited patiently for the Lord, He turned to me and heard my cry." Psalm 40:1

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