Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top 10 Steps to Homeschooling

1.  Have a wild fit of hubris mitigated by sheer common sense: Without a doubt, you are your child's best option for a teacher.

2.  Spend the rest of the summer entertaining doubts.

3.  Attend a homeschool convention.  Realize that you, too, can now be called "eccentric."  (Recall field trip you once took to see Pollyanna statue.  Recognize that the shoe fits...)

Look at endless kinds of books, vast varieties of curricula, and hosts of online programs.  All "on sale." Leave more confused than when you entered.

4.  Ask your homeschooling friends "what they use" to homeschool.  Have 98% of them say, "Oh, we do our own thing."

5.  Inquire as to what "their own thing" entails.  Acquire 87 recommendation of "must have" books and 48 "can't live without" curricula.

6.  Despair and ignore all educational options for a month.

7.  Join homeschool forums online.  Stem rising panic as you apprehend that people got their books in April.  That moms are putting finishing touches on home "classrooms."  That you don't even have a "real" desk.

8.  "Get around to" writing the all-important "letter of intent to homeschool" to the superintendent of the city.  Wait for a response.

9.  The night before, wonder what the heck you think you are doing.  Curb urge to run to 24 hour Walmart to grab school supplies and send child off to nearest public institution of learning.

Insecurely ask child if they still "want to do this."  Get an unequivocal assent.

10.  Take deep breaths.  Look at the stack of elementary, high school, and college material you pulled out of hiding from the attic.  To begin, select the Bible.  The first chapter of Genesis.  Because, first things first, you know?

Read aloud the ancient poetry: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters...

the first day...

And it was very good."

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  1. Love it! School are here starts tomorrow and I had a split second "is it too late to change my mind" thought. Of course it blew right by because I firmly believe in your #1 (Without a doubt, you are your child's best option for a teacher.)

  2. Thanks for the good reminder. We will probably begin next week.