Friday, August 2, 2013

Oceanside afternoon

I could barely keep my eyes on the road today.  With both little ones miraculously asleep while I waited for the older two to finish camp, I'd decided to take a drive around the Atlantic-facing town.  Truly breathtaking.

Pictures can't capture the smell of salt spray and cut grass and sea roses, the warmth of the sun, the hissing of strong, cool wind through the rushes and in the hydrangea bushes.  Wish they could, I'd love to share this with you!

Ridiculously large homes rise majestically from perfectly green lawns with meticulously white lawn furniture, facing the deep blue and green sea.  I hope the residents never grow numb to the beauty that surrounds them...

I eventually did go back to the crowded old barn turned theater--filled with brave but ineffectually spinning fans-- and watched my girls perform a mashup of "Tangled" and "Annie," with Claire as Rapunzel and Annemarie as Miss Hannigan.  A different type of beauty altogether.  :D

Stuffed into a corner, I kept the little ones quiet with juice boxes and Cheetos.  The latter was a bad choice.   All our clothes are now covered with orange dust, most of it on me, Mommy the Giant Napkin, where they hug me around the knees and nuzzle their messy faces into my dress. But yeah, even covered in cheese powder, being a mom is beautiful.  :)

(Here they are, still in character.  Note orange hue on youngest ones.  If you can see it... why are these pics so tiny?  Sigh...)

Enjoy the beauty of today.  What's up with "red hot"... this weather is _perfect_...

"Seas and rivers, bless the Lord!" Daniel 3:78

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