Sunday, August 11, 2013

How I rule the world

(Just thought that title would provide a utterly false bravado contrast with the insecurity post...)  First of all, I want to thank everyone who "liked" my new Facebook page.  :)  I appreciate it.  Very much.  Totally feel like I'm in Kindergarten when I "Invite friends to like" me.  I wince every time I click on a name. "Will you like me?  Will you like me?"  I feel so dumb and needy.... heh...

But enough of that: I've been invited to participate in "Catholic Carnival" for "Sunday Snippets" (thank you RAnn!!) and I've been asked to introduce myself today.

:D <<wave>>

I'm a Christian Catholic wife of one and mother of six, four here and two that went on ahead of me.  I'm currently surrounded by the comforting familiarity of sauce splatters on the stove and the resident preschooler attempting to catch stray pantry moths with my brassiere.

My immediate preferred location, tonight, would be a dark beach, watching the meteor shower with my BFF's.  In general, I would prefer silence or polyphonic music, being in nature, with a good book.  Or a good friend, a good cup of coffee, and a good conversation.

Instead, I was just handed a successful potty by a proud toddler.  Just now.  Just like the Clorox commercial.

Don't believe me?


Back from using Simple Green on that (because I'm such a rebel and so counter-cultural and crunchy organic granola momma, at least during the times I'm not feeding them chips and Gatorade)...

Besides being a professional potty sanitizer and diaper changer, I also am an (extremely) part-time reporter and photographer for the diocesan paper.  I did photograph a pastor installation this morning though, so I feel very careerish today.  I would love to be a paid blogger for the diocese... I was (pretty much) offered a full-time job as staff writer just last week, which includes the blogger/social media position I mentioned.

But my skills as potty sanitizer and diaper changer are even more in demand.  Thus, I turned it down. Regretfully.  Very.

But I said no for a good reason: to say yes to something else.  Because I think my Mom Job, which includes the potty/diaper skill set mentioned above, is the most important job in the universe.  Yep, I get a complete power trip out of rocking the cradle and ruling the world.  Plus I'm helping guide immortal souls and forming young minds and future generations and stuff like that.

And I'm embarking on my newest endeavor this fall: putting "homeschooler" as a feather in my maternal cap-of-all-trades.  And I wouldn't pass that opportunity up for anything.

HowEVer, if anything comes up that also allows me to do the world's most important job of Mom, like a stay-at-home, work from home writing position, one that would allow me to write a paragraph, change a diaper, then write another paragraph?  Oh I'd be happy to apply...

But for now, I'm being required away from my daily gratis blogging and into my medical pretend-professional role: Googling remedies for food poisoning.  Poor hubby was attacked by some old pesto, and he's taking it like a man.  I'm going heavy on the Tums and light on the "told you so's."  (Because I did... it's my job to recognize bad food.)  And to notice unclothed toddlers covered in peanut butter and cracker crumbs, ready to wipe a sticky face on my clean knees...

Don't believe me?

Gonna silence my inner contemplative and get back on the job/life/vocation I'm being called to... also must attend to toddler's demand for "JEWS!!"

She's thirsty.

"And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones...
amen I say to you, he shall not lose his reward."  Matthew 10:42


  1. Activated charcoal (the food supplement kind) is really good for food poisoning.

    And yep...I know how you feel..a lot of times I wish I could just write full time, but then the dirty diapers and hungry kids call me and I know where I belong.

  2. Your talent and gifts as a writer are with you always, and I have no doubt you will get a paid writing gig. But your children will only be this young once. You're not only forming souls and future artistic talent, you're gathering tidbits for future stories. ;)