Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time for rainbows

Serious rainbow weather going on over here. Yesterday there was one over the house just burning up the sky with colors.  Never seen one so vivid before.

My smartphone does it no justice whatsoever.  That doesn't stop me from holding it up and impotently taking shots of the heavens.  

Naturally I yelled for everyone to put down their various after dinner pursuits and come stand in the damp and look at the sky.

And I'm pretty low key for my family, regarding rainbows. My grandfather saw the rainbow, and actually called my parents to tell them, and my dad actually woke up my mom to actually go rainbow hunting. In a car. You know tornado chasers? Yeah my folks are rainbow chasers. I gotta live with that. :) 

A rainbow reminds me of three key things:

1. Noah
2. Kermit the frog
3. Gay rights

Yep. It does. Will never forget the time I was told as a kid I couldn't wear rainbow colors anymore because "it means something bad" with no further explanation.

I realize that one of those topics is very controversial. I mean, where I'm from, people talk about Kermit. A lot. And get really agitated, one way or the other.

I think it's good to remember that our highest call is to charity.  Simcha said this well recently on a different topic  Basically, here too, there's no need to get all judgmental and smug because you don't personally have amphibian inclinations and struggles. 

From the heartache I've seen, its really, truly not easy being green, however that shade was achieved. I sometimes think greater harm is being done by the hatefulness that surrounds this issue on both sides than by inordinate affections for Miss Piggy. Could be wrong, but just a thought. 

In any case, self-righteousness was never a Christian virtue. Our job is to inspire people to live the joy of being God's child, joy communicated through our own example. Speaking for myself, I have too much work to do in that area to find any time to sort through which stone to throw first at Kerm

And that goes for Miss Utah too.  Since I'm on a Simcha kick, here.  Yeah, what she said.  

"And above all these put on love, which is the bond of perfection." Colossians 3:14


  1. The question is, is Kermit's attraction to Miss Piggy a result of nature or nurture? Where does free will come into the equasion? There are no easy answers, and we must all continue to pray for him and for her in their struggle and continuing discernment. Perhaps there is a higher calling here beneath the surface.

  2. I think that's a separate question, and definitely comes into play, along with free will... But I'm being more introspective here. There is so very, very much attention given to the why's and how's and how awful's and legal battles, but very little attention to actually helping those in the situation. I'm just complaining about some prevailing Christian attitudes; there's been plenty of sin in the approach. Like it's more comfortable to be cerebral than charitable on the topic. Love the frog hate the mud if you will...

  3. And may I say that I admire the charity and clear-headedness that TLC brings to this controversial topic. Passions do indeed run high, but there is always room for constructive dialogue.

  4. So very true, TLC -- sorry, we overlapped there -- and let us not overlook the key role of cliches in smoothing over the rougher issues that hang, thread-like, from the garment of something. Dammit.