Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pleased with politicians for once...

Thrilled at the promise of some governmental sanity today!  Daring to hope for the country's future!  Whatever the president decides to do... I'm encouraged, really I am.  Love when things make a little more sense.

In the words of the Senior Policy Advisor with The Catholic Association: "The overwhelming majority of Americans support such a ban, recognizing that there is no difference between a fetus in-utero in the sixth month of pregnancy and a baby in the NICU born at six months of pregnancy, except the protection of the law.”  

Common sense: curiously refreshing.  

And particularly given events in my life this past spring, I absolutely cannot imagine the emotional pain a woman may endure knowing she chose to have such a thing done.   This bill would encourage better and literally more livable choices.

I'm thinking I'll be blogging a bit about my little angel tomorrow, just fyi/fair warning/etc.  I haven't gotten a system down yet for topics on certain days of the week, like others seem to... hmm.  I mean... hey, I could limit loss blogging to "mournful Mondays," social issues to Saturdays, and heinous crafts / disastrous recipes on Wednesdays and attempt humor the rest? 

Also... I'm reading up on what you blog-readers like.  I'm told you like links and polls.  

So... Do you like polls?  Why or why not?   (snore)  

How about this: What's your favorite scripture verse?  I enjoy looking up a scripture a day, but I'll let you do the work this time... :)


  1. No polls, no links. Just all your words. The more the better!

  2. Susan you are too kind. :) Here's the verse from Ms. D, who insists on posting on my FB wall. Tsk tsk. :D

    "Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks to God in all circumstances for this is the will of Christ Jesus in you." 2 Thessalonians. Not easy to do or understand, but somehow it always comes to mind.

    Love it!