Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DOMAnd if I do...

I am currently typing with my right hand while helping my toddler eat an empty calorie, artificially orange flavored and colored freezer pop with my left.

As you can see, this had been preceded by a chocolate ice cream cone, half of which is probably melting on the kitchen floor.  Or the rug.  Or my laptop.  No wait, I'm typing on that... thank God!

I don't care... I'm too hot.  Yes I have A/C but have spent the day running around in the heat, picking up kids from Vacation Bible School at my church where they, I'm informed, were anointed with baby oil to show they are special. (!)  Also went to Lowe's, feeling hapless and sweaty, and was treated to the help of a gentleman from somewhere south of the U.S., who informed me that I smelled "very enticing," accent full-on. (!!) Attempting daft cheerfulness, I said, "Oh, thanks, it's my deodorant.  So yeah please stick it in quickly cuz I have to pick up my kids."  Immediately regretted my choice of words, but the boards went in through the front window of my mini-van and I made a quick getaway.

(Last time I really picked the wrong words?  Interviewing two wonderful ladies who were challenged with dwarfism.  I was totally patting myself on the back the whole time, as I had nonchalantly sat down to talk to them while they stood, kept the conversation running smoothly until I got to their work, and was informed one of them taught first grade.  At that point, I squealed in journalistic enthusiasm: "Oh, what a great age!  I just love little-littles!!"  Yes, I actually said that, and suddenly the two ladies "had to go."  Sigh...)

And I'm discouraged.  I'm trying to be current in at least some world events, and when I do I hear strange news which often makes me just want to bury my head back in the absorbing affairs of my household and get on with my day.  Whatever side of "the issue" you are on: let's all just breathe.  I just like disagreeing in a civil manner when possible, you know?  But no worries if you like more excitement: my husband has promised to guest post if I just get toooo sweet; I believe I would entitle it: DMV for "Dominant Male Venting."  

In any case, believing as I do for now that my main calling is to take care of my relationship with God and my family, the most I generally do for the rest of society these days is... pray. As in an Our Father here and there, a quick lifting up of such situations to the Lord. Occasionally I'll sign a pro-life petition, and will call representatives when I remember but mostly... I try to avoid excessive anxiety and give it to God.  

Not being in any position of political power, and not able to vote till the next election... sigh....  Honestly, what's a mom to do?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  It seems responsible to keep abreast of what goes on in Washington, but also seems foolish to just succumb to impotent worry.  For instance, the status of a--er--dear friend whom I love till death currently reads: "DOMA is dead... country to follow?"

I'm not saying Christians shouldn't be informed or concerned, but what does God want us to do?  What does "defending what's right" look like?  While the answer varies with each person, it will not include panic,  or hatred, or despair.  We are called to live today.  Like I am called to feed dinner to my kids now...

But just one more minute before I attend to the kids beginning to clamor in the kitchen: I'm trying to take things one day at a time, which is really all I can handle.  I'm curious: how do you deal with news implying the government is taking over individual liberties, or that global-warming is causing worse storms or... anything that disturbs your general peace of mind?  I'm not personally sure how I would protest every shenanigan that goes on in my state; in parenting and politics, I tend to "choose my battles."  So the demonstration I've frequented most is a prayerful walk in front of the clinic right down the street...

When thinking of a verse today, it came to mind that Jesus said these words at a time when Caesar's soldiers had no respect for His countrymen.  He said these words knowing about the upcoming destruction of Jerusalem.  He said these words knowing that the leaders of the time would find a "legal" way to kill God.  And He said this anyway:  

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Or if you prefer, the classic: "Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof." Matthew 6:34  And what if the evils are, in fact, today?  (Love this one!) "Casting all your care upon him, for he hath care of you."  1 Peter 5:7  In the end, our Father's got this in His hands. :)

Find what action God is calling you to.  Realize fear-mongering is not one of them.  

For today, I'm making dinner.  Because tomorrow, since forgetting or returning something is integral to the home improvement experience, I have to go back to Lowes.  Oh... hel...p.  :D


  1. Kate, you leave me wordless, breathless. Just know that I think of you and pray for you and your family despite the paucity of wordy contact. God bless you truly.

    1. Hwaet! My favorite English prof! :) Dr. Rice, thank you so very much for your kind words, your valued prayers, and taking the time to read my bloggage. A paucity indeed; I missed the deadline to celebrate your retirement but I cheered you from afar! God bless you and your family and adorable grandkids as well. Oremus pro invicem!

  2. I love this. And really, I don't think there is anything wrong with just praying and loving and hoping. I mean, I suppose you can always call your congressman and sign petitions...but other than that, dinner might be more pressing (or the melting orange Popsicle).

    1. Still haven't found the rest of the popsicle... :S

  3. Hear ya, hear ya, I do. Yep. I am happily uninformed as a rule and read of the recent occurence on my Facebook newsfeed, where your friend's "DOMA doomed . . . country to follow?" was followed by the general rejoicing of all my facebook friends from the music world and high school. Heh heh. I think my pro-life friends are generally busier than the other constituency, as we tend to have more children.

    1. I hear ya back. :) Loved what A. said on my wall, (ah those rebel FB commentators; I'll put it here anyway):

      "You read my mind today! I feel like there is always something to pray for, call about, fast for.... what are we to do? Then it occurred to me; live the fasts of the Church. Do it on a continual basis, pray the daily prayers and pray for the good of our country, the work, end of abortion, conversion of all sinners. Done." Well said! :)