Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just for the guys

"Father's Day is not just for the guys anymore."

When I overheard this on the radio yesterday, I had two opposed reactions:

1. Aww c'mon...
2. Duh, it never was...

I'm sitting outside a carousel, in a van, sleeping baby in car. Dad's being a hero and taking the other three in to the merry-go-round; I managed to get car sick and watching that horsey thing spin would finish me off. So I'm appreciating him.

And I'm watching crying, whining miserable kids returning to the parking lot in dribs and drabs, tailed by exhausted looking parents.

And I'm thinking gosh. It's so hard. Being a mom. Being a dad. Bending over backwards to make the day special, and it still ends with overtired children who can't understand how grateful they should be.

So today, it's important to acknowledge those who try anyway. To be good parents even when it's not "good" for them. From midnight feedings to waiting through their baseball games and playground time to letting them have birthday cake at their friends' party right before bedtime.

It's so draining. It's so worthwhile.

So happy Father's Day to all those guys who are strong and sensitive, manly and nurturing. It's a tough job. Thanks for doing it.

Particular thanks to my gentle, Mr. Roger's-like dad, 

and my tough and sweet husband whose four girls require playing pretty princess and dancing while being swung in great squealing circles and draammmma and lack of peace and quiet and.... Yet he stills holds a job just so this can all continue. And then after work, he's there till the last bite of dinner through the last story, the last protest and tear, staying awake till the last girl has gone to sleep. And yes, I'm usually that last girl I was just talking about. :)

Here's the gift I made for him.  In case you can't read it:
"There's a special bathroom in heaven for the father of all girls." :)

Fathers, today is your day. Thank you.

"As a father has compassion on his children, 
so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him." Psalm 103:13

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