Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My husband's ex-girlfriend

Today, in between settling squabbles over fries in the mini-van, I was reflecting on how strange life can be.  

For instance, I'm in this Blogathon due to the agency of a single person: my husband's ex-girlfriend.

Remember meeting her like it was yesterday: 

"Oh great."

Dan plopped his backpack down on the floor of the chapel crypt, which in my college was a perfectly normal place to hang out.  

"What's up?" I sighed. I was ferreting through my backpack too.  I had an exam coming up, and all the weight of the world was on my 19 year-old shoulders.  Such stress.  (ha!)

"Found out she's coming back here."  

"Who?"  I was distracted.  Did I have the right notes?  And my boyfriend always found the longest way to get to the point of a conversation.  He talks more than me, even today.

"My ex."

I drop the bag.  My ears perk up.  

"Oh.  Er... is that going to be a... problem?"

"Well, I hope not."  

It's hard to describe the sheer awkwardness of dating life in a college that is shy of 300 people... everyone knows everyone else, and can tell from who is sitting where at lunch who's "together" and who's not. 

But most likely he was worried how she and I'd get along.  We were both in choir, after all.  And she and I were sopranos...

Yes, I expected to dislike her, at the very least; it seemed simply the thing to do.  And I wasn't at all prepared to meet a vivacious lady with long, raven, Pantene-perfect hair, who greeted us both with a sly but kind grin, and flounced directly to her place in rehearsal.  The room was filling up, and soon the entire female section had surrounded her and were catching up.  Being the shy freshman that I was, I just shuffled my music and watched from a distance.

The woman did not talk: she gushed.  Quick to joke, with a ready laugh, and a lovely voice.  I couldn't help but like her.  :)  Still do.  My respect and admiration for this fellow writer, artist, accomplished musician, and devout Christian has only increased over the years.  Got to catch up with her a bit last November, when my family was down south and attended the ninth annual St. Cecilia Arts Festival that she runs.  And caters. :) 

It's been so neat to watch where the Lord has led us in our individual lives and unique callings.  He does indeed work in mysterious ways.   

Now I have to thank her for encouraging me to write more, again, and getting me into this grueling I meant great 30 day writing challenge.  :)  As this experience draws to a close, I think it's fitting to say M, you inspire me, and I know you inspire so many others through your beautiful blog: http://dilectusmeusmihi.blogspot.com/


  1. A full-on, operatic, to-the-knees contralto bow, Southeast precisely between Rhode Island and the Mason-Dixon line, to two of my favorite soprani.

  2. Awww! Thanks, Katie! You inspire me too! (And oh for the days of Pantene-perfect hair!) :D

  3. I am proud to be a member of this mutual-admiration society! Ladies, we must simply embrace the fact that we, in a word, rock. Something we have to live with. :D