Saturday, June 1, 2013

Going for it

"Cecilia, do you want a meatball sub or oven-roasted chicken sandwich?"  My mom swung the Subway bags playfully before my three year-old's vision.  She was watching my girls during doctor appointment #27.

"Nana... my mommy feeds me healfhy things.  I do not eat oven-woasted chicken." 

Amused, my mother asked what nutritious delicacy my discerning preschooler was accustomed to?


So yeah, as it turns out, I'm still not perfect/myself and, thus, I suppose, could still use some help.  Lucky for my brood's nutritional near-future, the meal train chugs on...  And came today in the form of meatloaf and scalloped potatoes. I had just Windexed the finger prints off the front door when it arrived.  My good impression attempt was short-lived however... In the span of 30 seconds--during the time where I profusely thank the person while I receive re-heating instructions I will likely not remember--my kids had smashed a small bird egg with their fingers while trying to show it to me, the preschooler had thrown a tantrum because her panties were literally in a twist, and the toddler had torn into the meatloaf with her bare hands...

So, I'm trying to say "yes" when is offered. But I feel guilty...  I was very much raised with the New England mentality of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps... is that how they say it?  Anyway, I mean that self-sufficiency was considered among the highest of virtues during the years of my ever further-off youth.  So doing stuff like accepting meals from a "meal train" was verboten.  I'm pretty sure my parents never sat down and told me that in words, it's just a sense from being raised as I was.  It's in the water.  It's in my blood.

But these days, I'm trying to do what makes sense... I mean, especially since you all are much better cooks than me. :)  So saying "yes" makes all kinds of sense.  Since my loss, I've had fits of productivity in cleaning and cooking followed by me staring into space, forgetful and absent-minded.  Especially these days as I go through medical testing and varied results-- Was it a medical issue with me?  A chromosomal issue with her?  The most recent finding was, "Yeah, looking more closely at the micro-array result, we found that her gains on chromosome 6 were neither benign nor disease-causing.  Rather, the result shows an 'unknown significance.'"  

Oh thanks!  Oh goody.  

So!  While I wait for results and live life, per the advice of a dear friend, I have joined a Blogathon... yeah like yourselves, I barely know what this means yet, other than I got to cut and paste a cool "badge" on my blog. I registered under the "Spiritual" category because humorous grieving Catholic mom who likes the Bible just wasn't an option. :)

I am hoping being part of this Blogathon will mean the following:

  • That I get better at this whole bloggishness--particularly the techy side--and possibly learn to make posts that are shorter than novel chapters. 
  • Also I may win a pwize!!!  Yayyyy! Not 100% sure what those are yet, but yay! :)
  • And... this supposedly means I will be posting daily for the month of June.  Feel free to remind me if you don't see a post by 11:59 pm.  I think this means I will be writing on a wider variety of topics, like I'd originally planned.  Hoping to make that happen... :)
  • Oh yes... if you are new to this blog and actually made it through this post: welcome. :) Thank you for sharing this journey.  Read back for the backstory.  Read ahead for my next ones. :)  Like you, I wonder what good things He has in store.  

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."
1 Corinthians 10:31


  1. I used to feel squeamish about accepting meals as well, until I was on the giving end of several meal trains and I realized that people LIKE to help out other people. It makes them feel useful and helpful and that they are "doing something" for you and helping out. I really do like providing meals for friends in need. Sometimes the drop-off can be a bit inconvenient, but overall most people actually LIKE to help other people out in this way. It's something tangible they can do show their support and love and ease the burden slightly of the meal receiver.

  2. So glad I clicked over from the Blogathon today, Katherine. Can't wait to see what more you have for us this month. BTW, I loved that bit about 'Registered under the 'Spiritual' category because humorous, grieving Catholic mom who likes the Bible wasn't an option.' That really made me chuckle!

  3. Looking forward to learning more of your journey over the next month of the blogathon! I too enjoyed your comment, being registered under Spiritual because humurous grieving Catholic mom who likes the Bible wasn't an option. :) Best Regards, Wendy 2013 Blogathon

  4. My husband enjoyed the Ceweal comment. :)

  5. Looking forward to getting to know you this month. I can tell I will enjoy your take on things already! Welcome to Blogathon. It's my third year, and I have made some wonderful blogger friends each time.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm very much looking forward to the Blogathon too! And Amelia, thanks for the reminder... I will hold on to that. :)