Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This is NOT a....

zit.  See my nose?  No, it's not.  Nope. That, my friends, is where my sweet petite adorable 17 month old (also pictured here, greatly penitent) slammed a mug when she was "feeding" me.  It was about a week ago; it still hurts I wrinkle my nose, it's still red, and--most irritatingly--looks like a zit. And somehow I can't find time for "nose doctor" on my to-do list.

I don't think any of this holds a candle to the Conclave, huh? And yet I keep writing...

Lets see... This past week I was invaded by truly helpful inlaws. You know, the type of inlaws that take vacation time to come see you, help with your kids, and buy your kids a bunch of new furniture for their room. You know, that type. Along with visits from friends who assemble said furniture for you. May you all have such family and friends! Yeah, I'm super lucky.  No, not always lucky, but this past week, yes.  And very grateful.  We have now finally finally finally moved my two oldest into a renovated attic upstairs for their rooms.  Not that I've been like waiting for this or anything... (wooo hoooo!!!! :)

Other than entertaining these people by providing things for them to do, like rooms to rearrange and kids to shop for, my 9 year old had her first harp recital. Well, a duet. And yes, of course I have the video.  She's wearing a new (very colorful) dress purchased by my invading inlaws, naturally.

To close this seemlessly-themed post, I want to leave you with my pics from Rome.  Yes, we went their right after Israel; it was quite the trip.  First, I have a couple of pictures I took of our last two pontiffs while I was there:

No, I didn't know the above was a picture of a pope at the time; I'm not that good.  :) Here's a pic I took from up on top of St. Peter's Basilica; I'm told the smoke stack we'll be watching this week is visible in it...

Here's my boyfriend Dan who climbed up with me (yes, the walls are all curvy inside the dome like that):

Okay fine, here's the Dome too:

And finally, here's (some) proof I took the picture:

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  1. Katie I am making up an excuse and visiting you soon:) I want to see the room! I am excited for you and for the girls.