Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hope for the Popeless

Been thinking of you all, and of "us".  It's an uncomfortable time in the church.  Yes, even as a "JPIIer," I can sense the vague anxiety and sense of sadness among those who loved our now previous pope.  While I pray, I feel peace and confidence knowing the Holy Spirit will guide His people.  Let us take heart even in our "fatherless" time, for Christ never abandons us. 

Speaking of "father," I have a few final (and encouraging) thoughts on my last post from a well-educated yet down-to-earth priest friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous; thus, he will hereafter be referred to as "Fr. Fungi."  (tee hee) 

To paraphrase a man of the cloth who loved dancing before giving his life to God (and so, still loves it without the same opportunity to do it): dancing is a natural part of the human existence.  Scripture holds plenty of references to people dancing before the Lord, such as when David danced before the Ark.  Fr. Fungi [I'm really enjoying this...] notes that the Mass itself can be looked upon as a sacred dance, a beautiful ritual to the glory of God.

So, while Fr. F would never sponsor such an event, he thinks it's beneficial for people to see priests as spiritual dads, mentors, and coaches, as people who can kick back and have fun too.  He hopes there comes a time when priests have established their sacred role and very human identity enough--and that their congregations will know them well enough--that they can, without giving scandal, dance here and there at an occasional event, in a proper context.  Not in costume, and not taking lessons, but just being young at heart while pure in example. 

Finally, Father commented that a priest letting his personality come out at social functions is a good thing, because if he's completely "other" then he's detached from his flock and can't really serve as an example for his people.  Priests aren't supposed to be unapproachable and unrealistic.  They are supposed to be witnesses of joy.

So, I now think "Father Don't Dance" isn't quite accurate.  How about, "Father, not the cha-cha"?

I hope for a pope, too, who is an witness to life's joy, a good teacher, a strong leader, a true example to his people.  This is also an exciting time where we wait and see what God has planned.  :)  Let's keep praying... 

"Expect the Lord, do manfully, and let thy heart take courage, and wait thou for the Lord."
                                                                                                             Psalm 27:14


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