Sunday, March 3, 2013

I would do anything for my baby

Photo: There is no doubting what comes in these boxes!

But I won't do that!

Sister moms, we have foregone pain meds during childbirth, breastfed our kids well into their toothed years, spent nights with kiddie knees and elbows in our sides and faces, sought out organic snacks whenever possible, served as their napkins and hankies when they run up to give us a hug around the knees and then you realize they totally just wiped their nose on your recently dry-cleaned skirt and sped off.  We endure this and so much more because we love our kids, and want what is best for them, so whatever we see as best for them, we're gonna try to do, right?

Okay, if clearing their noses like... the picture entails... is best for them, frankly, don't tell me.  Please please no no hands-over-my-ears I can't hear you la la la la.... I have drawn the line at this supremely organic, natural nonsense.  Buy the battery operated nose syringe at the baby aisle of your local store.  That's right.  Plug that little puppy up with a chemical-filled energy-producing size AA device.  Yeah baby!  It plays Mary had a Little Lamb in a tinny tinkly way.  It's gentle.  Better than the bulb by far, based on my infant's responses.  Best of all, you don't have to use your mouth to operate it.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.

Seriously, if you haven't given up chocolate for Lent, go have one RIGHT NOW for being a good mom.  That's an order!  Yes!  And to the new mom who asked if we were all using this on Facebook: No, we aren't!  And don't let anyone say you have to, should, or ought to!  And if all you have is a plastic bulb to clear your baby's nose, that is absolutely sufficient!

Going to find an M&M bag STAT and consume chocolate for us all.... ;)


  1. I saw that on Facebook too. No, I have never used one of those..and no..I never will. Eeeekkk...I agree..that is going too far. I'm all about pain-med-free childbirth and breastfeeding children into their preschool years and being my kids hankie..but I draw the line at using my mouth to suck out snot.

    Actually, I'm on my 4th baby, and I haven't even used the bulb or any other device on her yet. In our house, the bulb is known as "The Evil Snot Sucker" and every single baby HATES it, with a passion and it seems to make them more upset and just create more snot. So, I pretty much just let the snot be and maybe try to give a quick swipe with a tissue.

    I haven't seen the battery operated one that plays music..maybe I'll try that..maybe.

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    I don't know why so few people have heard of this product; personally, I loved it. Mouth-free! :) If you click on this link and purchase from there through Amazon, I will get a tiny percentage of it as Amazon credit, thus solving any and all of my financial challenges as well as providing you with a sane, effective, not-to-unpleasant syringe. :)

  4. Hmm. The link is not working. Swell. My financial trials continue... gosh I wish I knew what I was doing computer-wise... :)

  5. I have tried something very similar to it...Believe me, IT had never gotten any close to my mouth, except for that little tube.
    And I would use it again, because it worked wonders!