Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Ten Things Wrong With This Picture...

This is making the rounds of Facebook. And I hate it, for many reasons...


10.  Apparently, the viewer of this picture is meant to judge two things: the lady depicted, and themselves as related to her.  And my first complaint is... am I missing something?  Can I at least SEE HER FACE??   Like "eyes window to the soul" stuff?  No?  Okay...

9.  I'm missing a story line.  What brings you, madam, to balance precariously on a piece of driftwood in a precariously placed yellow bit of covering?  Wanna turn around?  No?  No.  Okay, so while we have no way of knowing from this picture if this woman is happy/partying, sad/suicidal or simply scared of heights--without any of these criteria, we are meant to compare ourselves with her, with us on the losing side.  "Lady in Yellow" is presented on a lofty wooden pedestal to indulge our self-disdain.

8.  I'm assuming that this woman is meant as an example of non-laziness.  Yes, even though she is depicted in a bathing suit dilly-dallying on a stick.  Even though--I can see from here--her hair is a hot mess which may indicate, perhaps, (gasp) laziness?  Hmm?  (Oh yes, I'm having FUN overthinking this, thanks...  This ANNOYS me....)

7.  I'm taking it that this picture assumes we a. want to be this woman and b.  to be like this woman, we can't be lazy.  Since she is not shown changing a tire, I guess we are supposed to assume that Ms. Size 4 or Less worked out until her body was ready for this closeup. 

6.  So far, I think we normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill women are meant to look at her and sigh, "Look at that girl standing on a piece of driftwood with the fit tanned body!  Gosh, I want to be just like her.  Her suit is so yellow!  She is so happy (I guess)!  Look at the benefits of working out!  And to be like her, I can't be lazy."  

5.  This is likely the depiction of a teenager.  One who has worked out little, if at all.  Possibly, judging from what little of her can actually be seen, not even fully developed yet.  Her body is, likely, a reflection not of her work ethic but of her immaturity, further evidenced by her willingness to pose for a shot of her derriere.  

4.  For argument's sake, let's say she looks like this because she's in the gym almost daily.  That, in fact, she's not lazy and her diet and exercise routine is just perfect for yielding this photographed result. Then, good for her!  I mean, comb your hair a little, and next time when someone says "Say cheese!" use your face to smile at the camera.  Works better that way.  And don't trip...

3.  Also for argument's sake, let's say you aren't lazy, either.  That you eat sensibly and move about as often and effectively as you can.  And, suppose, you still don't look like this woman.  Are you lazy? Well, that depends.  Did you go to work today?  Feed your children?  Clean your house?  Then no.  Do you loll about for weeks while paid passers-by drip Lindt truffles into your gaping maw?  Then yes. You're lazy.  Get a life.  

2.  So your body is likely NOT a reflection of your laziness, after all...  It's a reflection of the genes your inherited from your parents.  It's a reflection of the number of years you have graced this earth. It's a reflection of sleep lost while caring for loved ones.  It's a reflection of the children you bore and nursed.   It's a reflection of the times of sickness and health, injury and wholeness, both emotional and physical.  It bears the marks of the laughs you've enjoyed, the worries you've thought through, the tears you've shed, the loads you have carried.

1.  Whatever your faults, your body is a reflection of the love and goodness and beauty of your Creator.  Go take a selfie and put that slogan on it, how's that?  :)  


  1. Love this. I haven't seen that facebook meme...thankfully none of my friends are weird enough to share this. But, I totally agree with you...I HATE that people equate a certain body type as superior and that anyone who doesn't have that is lazy. And, I actually think it is "lazy" to workout for 4 hours a day instead of engaging in actual meaningful work that actually gets something accomplishes or helps someone. Not that there is anything wrong with working out..but other types of "work" that may not result in a body like that are still super important.

  2. I love this and love your blog. Just happened over here from Jen's the other day, and I can't get enough. I haven't seen this pic yet (thankfully!), but I'm sitting here (while I should be working...oops, lazy) nodding and giving a virtual fist bump to each point. Word.