Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Don't tell my husband...

No, he already found the old love letter I wrote to that other guy... not that... :)

Look what I just signed up for:

Thought one more month of Blogathon can't hurt, right?  Especially this month...

Of course, the theme is "red hot."  Um... okay.  I can take this the literal route or the NFP route or just ignore any heat at all and blogger on about Pepper the entire time because hey, peppers can be hot, so I'm good!  We'll see.  :D  But sure, I can "type my heart out."  

And oh dear, I promise I can write small posts though honey; really I can!  Like this one!  Look how absurdly short this is! So quick to write, so quick to read.  I'm holding down my inner novelist kicking and screaming, seriously I am!  

Short.  To the point.  For real.  Maybe.

See you tomorrow. :D

Oh here's what happened today, when I turned around to bag groceries.  Oy...


  1. Yeehaw! Maybe I'll join you. I think I need another blog challenge to get my writerly bottom in gear again. Can't wait to read your genius posts, lady!!

  2. Katie, you are red hot. A class act. Worth ten thousand of any other woman I know or can think of offhand.

  3. Good heavens... If I get called a red hot genius class act again I'll... blush! Let's see if I can make this work for a month again...