Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's up wid dat???

Got a call from hubby, the gist of it being, "Sweetie, you're loud and clear without shouting it." Asking what on earth he meant in my most patient and reasonable voice, I was told that the more emotional part of "Cirque" is in bold block letters.


This is likely due to the different ways I write parts of the post (some on notepad, some email, some blogger) which does this bizarre quirk. The kicker is it looks fine when I view the post on my computer....

So sorry for screaming at you. :) I have been driving around with my offending laptop trying to find a wi-fi spot where I can pipe myself down... And I can't find one.  So I'm writing this on my phone while NOT driving.

While giving humility a big ole' squeeze, I'm going to WHISPER the following instructions on how to read my last post (or any future post accidentally LOUDLY FORMATTED) without feeling assaulted, insulted, or incensed by my insensitivity:

1. Obtain a pair of binoculars
2. Flip them around
3. Read the post through that till I win my techie battles.  

1 comment:

  1. Ironically, the second half of your last post appeared on my screen in itty-bitty italics. Ya just can't win. Reminds me of a vocal competition I did once. I was talking with a soprano colleague to recap after the competition, and she said the judges told her that she might have won if she had lost a few pounds. I told her with a grin that, if it made her feel any better, the judges had told me that I could really stand to gain a few. Ah, the ever-elusive happy medium!