Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Under the table

I'm currently engaging in a guilty pleasure and social faux-pas: blogging on my phone, held under a table at a large meeting.  The topic is "Celebrating Diversity." The location is Women & Infants Hospital.

We've hit the doldrums in the Council Summit.  It started off well: awards were given to stellar hospital workers, a touching personal statement was shared about a doctor who had grown up in foster care and been inspired by kindness along the way.  And there was another beautiful story of  homeless mom of four, a victim of abuse, whose nurses of her 24-week baby heard her plight and found her help.  Now an OB nurse, she left the podium to a thunderous standing ovation, tears shed by many.

But now... we're looking at statistics.  For an hour.  The speaker is literally bribing us with the reward of M&M's in return for input.

Any input.

So I decided to say hi to y'all.   And I snuck away to buy a coffee (when I got back, a full buffet has been laid out... Oh well.)  I pulled out the debit card I share with my husband.  It's a Patriots card.

My barista whooped.  "Oh the Broncos have nuthin' on us!"

I responded with the hum/grunt-and-smile I have perfected for such instances. I assume he was talking about the team the Pats will play in... The Super Bowl, I assume? ;)

Wandering the corridors back to the meeting, I nearly walked into a large poster that displayed something much more impressive.  My babies.

I feel blessed to be part of bringing good out of loss, the opportunity to improve the situations of many, many mothers yet to give birth here.

Think I'll start taking notes now.