Thursday, January 23, 2014

The rumors are true

I need to confirm that the following are, in fact, facts for Seven Quick Takes:

1.  I'm 36 now!  :S  Oy.  But you know, it has to be better than 35--which for me was thoroughly unrecommendable--so I'm looking forward to it.

Went really crazy with the partying this year: I visited both sets of grandparents, went out to dinner with my parents, played chess with my kids, and got pj's with feet (a blanket sleeper, I think they're called) from my husband.  (No, I haven't worn them since I was a tween... were there even "tweens" back in the 90's? hmmmm).
Note roll of "napkins" and ketchup bottle in background.  Classay....
Of course, that happened on Monday.  It's now... Thursday, last I checked.  I think.  It's all kinda blending into one long, cold, indoor day.  I mean, I really want to be a hardy New Englander and not mind but... golly.  This white stuff it's like... cold.

On the plus side,

2.  I finally finished reading Prince Caspian to my kids.  The girls have actually been using their art supplies. Finger puppets multiply throughout our home.  Sweetly scribbled notes and drawings cover my refrigerator door, sticking out at odd angles, mingled with old recipes and November's school lunch calendar.

3.  The tree is still up.  With nice crisp needles that sprinkle a welcome carpet on the floor whenever you stop to admire a tiny, burnt-out bulb.  Christmas cards still decorate my doorway.  I know, I know.  And I haven't even finished my annual Christmas letter yet.  I'm perilously close though.... And no, I didn't send out a single card this year. :S

4.  I did audition for the role of Ms. Hannigan in "Annie".  My kids wanted to try another play, there were adult roles available, and hey if I have to be there anyway... So I practiced the song "Little Girls" under my breath in the bathroom and loudly in the rare moments alone in the car.

I say "alone" because when I attempted to sing it in front of my four year-old, well... she was confused.  And with her speech as it currently is--with all the 'L's" sounding like "Y's"--she was heard to be singing "Yucky me, yucky me, look at what I'm dripping with" around the house.  So I stopped that.

5.  The audition was successful.  Sort of.  I walked in, introduced myself to the row of faces behind the conference table, sang my song, and was handed the script.  A script for "Grace."

"Please read for her; you'd be perfect..."  As the sweet-as-pie secretary to a billionaire who goes to adopt Annie.

Can't be mean even when I try I guess.  :S Tune in next time to see if I get the role.  And if my children get to become orphans.  And if my husband gets to become Daddy Warbucks.  Because

6.  My husband is auditioning for the role of Daddy Warbucks.  Tomorrow night.

Tee hee.  Hee.   :D

7.  To date, I have not been nominated for any blog recognition.  And this is okay.  I will consistently continue to blog anywhere from twice a day to twice a month, regardless, as I shoot for twice a week.  I heartily congratulate the many awesome bloggers who made it in, including the hostess of this link-up!  :)

Mind you, it would also be okay for me, I mean--sometime--if such a nomination occurred.  I wouldn't complain.  I will similarly accept nominations for "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" and /or any sweepstakes where the prize is "Free House Sweeping For a Year" or "Complimentary Coffee Delivery For a Week."  Ya know, forget blog awards: that last would be supremely awesome.  Seriously, why doesn't Dunkin Donuts deliver? For the days you are too caffeine deprived to remember to make and consume a caffeinated beverage?  Like today?

Ever find yourself begging a lukewarm, brown beverage in a mug: "Please work.  Please, please work"?

Me neither.  ;)

During the writing of this post, Shaun the Sheep was running on a continual loop.  A meatball sub was consumed from the inside out by the resident toddler. On the couch. A four year old dressed as half-angel, half-Elmo,
This was before wings were added...
crowned me with a "Teewawa."

Despite my new-found royal standing and while rocking my plastic princess bling, I got up no less than five times during this post: once to change a diaper, once to settle a squabble over who got the longer pencil, once to help wipe after a successful potty experience, once to remove my oldest from the world of Minecraft, and once to remove meatballs and sauce from between couch cushions.

Yes, these are easy tasks that anyone can do.  Read this if you disagree.

The nasty part of me wants to drop off five preschoolers at Amy Glass's house to watch as she goes about the easy task of caring for them.  The more virtuous part of me is pleased such women will not get to raise the next generation, like I get to do, so naa naa naa... Okay, fine, I'll behave and just pray for her enlightenment, conversion, initiation into reality, etc.  :)

Thanks for all your prayers for me, too.  I'm down to two pills a day for my creaky joints, which is fabulous for now.   This tree might, might actually leave by next week...

"Who shall find a valiant woman? Far and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her." Proverbs 31:10


  1. Enjoy your Graceness. Me, they don't even ask, it's just like, you'd be such a perfect villlainess! Well, shucks. I guess it's an alto thing.

  2. Good luck with the auditons.

    I was totally going to nominate you for a blog award, but then my lazy, procrastinating self got the better of me and I didn't nominate anyone. But, you can rest assured that you would have gotten MY nomination if procrastination wasn't my middle name. ;)