Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me....

I just dumped several years of Christmas letters right on your lap in celebration.  I was intending to dole them out to you piece by piece--I'd saved them as drafts back in December--but when I publish from my phone they are dated IN December, and here on the computer they publish the day of.  Too confusing.  You now know more than you ever wanted to know about the past ten years of my life.  :)  All the way from the dawn of my motherhood when hubby and I returned fresh from a year of study in Austria, to the present.  Oh yes, still haven't sent out Christmas cards.  Or taken down the tree.  Or told Facebook friends about this blog... still writing to myself.  I'm absurd. 

Well, a pretty good birthday.  Partied this morning with my parents and 97 year old grandmother, always a good thing.  She made me some nice chunky jewelry.  And carefully fed my baby cake. :)

Got a hug from each of my siblings.  Ginger beer from one brother, a cell phone case from another, and my favorite flowers and chocolates from my sister (tulips and Almond Joys.)  Roses and card from hubby.  Then took a nap (Score!!) Snuck out in the evening to have tea with one of my best mom buddies during the Patriots game, and remain dry eyed at their loss, despite the despair of my friends' husbands everywhere.  I'm actually inwardly dancing with glee, oh wicked, wicked, me.  Sorry Danny.  Just glad to have one less distraction, that's all.  Next time maybe they will get cut out of the playoffs BEFORE my birthday... oh, I am evil...

I thank God for my life today, that my mom chose to have me in a time when she could have legally chosen otherwise.  It's great to be here. --TLC

P.S.  Here's my cake, courtesy of my girls' creativity.  You can see the cupcake blossoms over the stems and leaves on the cake, right?  Kinda?  :)


  1. The cake looks great! Your girls did an awesome job, I can see the flowers, really:)
    Keep posting, I am reading...

  2. Hey, it's Beth. I'm not really anonymous, but don't have any of the accounts listed. So, I totally missed your birthday. My Bad!!!!! (Imagine really, really off key singing here) Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear Miss Katie!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!! Do you realize that while I do think of you as Katie, somehow, someway, I equally think of you as Miss Katie. Interesting aside, no? It sounds like you had a fabulous birthday, and I hope to see you soon!!!