Sunday, January 20, 2013

2006 Christmas Letter

Dearest Family, Friends, and World at Large:
During my slow journey of knowledge in the ways of the World Wide Web, I have been informed that my characteristic endless--if modestly witty--ramblings about my doings highly qualify me to open my own blog. Therein I may babble to my heart’s content and only those most interested souls will be bothered by my long-winded accounts of life from my most unique viewpoint. Details on this blog will therefore be forthcoming probably around next Christmas, by which time I may make my first entry.
Till that time, I will offer the most pertinent tidbits of Dancause living: starting from most recent history, we have moved a grand total of four streets from our original abode, and have gained several more square feet--a whole house!--with yard and playground across the street in the process! I do have a digital camera, but how to make it give its pictures to the computer and thence to the general populace yet eludes me most of my waking moments, thus my written depiction: white with green trim, a large porch, and lots of flowering plants, trees, and shrubbery. The address for those of you suffering this year from the lack of giving us a Christmas card: 81 Ingleside Avenue, Cranston, RI 02905. Phone number stays the same, 401-941-3949. Open invitation to visit remains to those who receive this Christmas ecard.
The reason all of you most deserving folk have not received hard copy of a Christmas card this year is due to the fact that we ended up moving in the month of December. I would not recommend this.
Moving back to the summer, I must report that I was offered a job--without looking for one--which I accepted. I had been filling up a day by visiting Montessori schools for fun--I love the method but laugh at the expense--and during this time managed to talk about myself enough that I was asked for my resume. ! (Oh yes, I finally made off with a Masters of Science in Education this summer from the University of New England, la dee da! Distance learning. Yes, I did work and paid money to get it, I promise! It‘s legit. Anyway.) So, thinking this was all quite a lark--okay, I confess, inspired by the name of the new street of my beloved house, I have been reading much too much of L.M. Montgomery recently; thus “quite a lark”--I made a two page resume in which I prominently featured the fact that I was a mother who had “mitigated the attempts of her children at self-destruction.” I thus think I was hired more for my sense of humor than for my new degree or small Montessori experience in Austria.
I took the job because my girls could come with me. Thus, I hope to satisfy all the pro and not-sure home-schooling camps by having my cake and eating it too. So I am teaching, which I love. But given that funding for the school is in question, we’ll see how long it lasts.
Dan continues to work hard, Annemarie and Claire continue to age (now 3 and 2), and God is constant in His goodness and mercy. We miss all of you, and remember you in prayer. Thank you for yours!
A Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
In Christ, the Dancauses
*The contents of this letter have been read, corrected, approved, ratified, and concurred with by Dan. The girls request more peanut butter and cantaloupe.

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