Sunday, January 20, 2013

2005 Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

I think I last wrote y�all when Claire was born. That would be, as of November 27th, over a year ago. Well, kids are wonderfully time-consuming. And I�ve been rather sick in general. (Yes, I always am well armed with excuses.) And, this summer, I will be getting my Masters of Science in Elementary Education from the University of New England . . . distance learning took up some time too. But now that it�s Christmas, (okay, not anymore really, but still) I am compelled to remember you all by writing about myself for several pages. Enjoy. I do miss you! This, in part, takes the place of a chat, and I�m hoping to hear from you on the other end!

As to actual Christmas cards . . .sigh. I think I sent out ten this year, in alphabetical order, and gave up around . . . B? If you didn�t get one, do not take offense. Simply reply to this email in all Caps, and I will send one out A.S.A.P. If you got two, I�m sorry too. I blame the kids.

The kids. Annemarie, 2.5 years, and Claire just turned 1. Both can talk/communicate frighteningly well. And they move too, fast! And they never, (well hardly ever) sleep at the same time. Generally, I will have just put Claire down for a nap, and sneak to a chore in the next room, and Annemarie will gleefully dash down the hall, open the door (she does that now), stand over the napper and loudly observe, �BABY SEEPIN�!� And an ensuing wail will assure me this is no longer the case.

Miraculously, despite the lack of free time, I have found that I can read again. They actually can amuse each other, even if merely by playing tug-of-war with toys to screams of �Mine!� and just plain screams. I find I can intervene in the more violent episodes of these while still remaining in the halls of Hogwarts. Delightful books; I think I could make some argument that Dumbledore is a Christ-figure . . . Of course, I find most books delightful. (Don�t be scandalized; I�m only reading them because Chris Mirus said they were just fine, and I trust him.)

I have only had one brush with the law this past year, when I dared drive my husband�s car with a license plate in the back but not in the front (a useful RI law indeed.) For this heinous crime, I was pulled over by a cop I fear was younger than me, and charged $75, unless I chose to appear in court to plead �Guilty, with a good driving record.� I did so, and $50 was graciously taken off my ticket. I do feel well protected by this brilliant system.

And I�ve managed to become ill, a quick but ill-advised way to lose baby weight. First, I was told I had a mere stomach virus, which then became a case of food poisoning, which then was proclaimed Celiac disease (I�m apparently allergic to all things wheat and wheatish), and now, several useless bottles of prescriptions, hospitals visits, and invasive procedures later, I have been dubbed a Crohn�s patient. I don�t know either, look it up online if you want. All I know is I have new bottles of pills (LOTS of pills) which seem to be working somewhat, and two more doctor�s appointments to squeeze in before Christmas. I expect to be swallowing a tiny video camera soon so all these dear doctors can have an even better look at my intestines. (Charming, eh?) My mother-in-law has been kind enough to stay with me to help with the kids till what I actually have is sorted out. Your prayers are appreciated; it has been a humbling, frustrating experience for sure!

To all you natural healing people out there, take heart! I am extremely well-supplemented and take my carrot juice faithfully. I have come to the point where I no longer even want chocolate, and am off all sugar and wheat. I expect you all to be jealous of how healthy this will doubtless make me when you are forced by habit to eat dessert this Christmas, sniff! No, really, I�m fine. Got some great-rice-and-potato flour artificially sweetened cookie thingies, thanks. Would you like some?

On to vacations. We went to Maine this summer, and then down to Virginia to see some of you this fall, which was wonderful! This spring, health permitting, we are supposed to go to California for a wedding in Dan�s family. I was mainly excited about this because I had ordered tickets to the Price is Right, and was surely going to win a showcase, when the date they had available turned out to be the same day and time as the wedding. Rats. But there�s still Jeopardy for Dan sometime; we�ll keep you posted.

Dan is well. Working hard. Climbing the corporate ladder. Getting more vacation time. We would happily take more money, but if time is money, then vacation time is the same thing . . . ?

In conclusion, we have been blessed with mostly angelic, very healthy children. To those of you who have them, you know all the antics I enjoy and endure. To those who have them not, sleep while you can! It�s fun. Really.

Agh! Annemarie, who is potty training, has just been successful. Mostly. I mean, not her fault she had on a long skirt, eh? Gotta go.

Write to us when you can. Have a wonderful New Year!

Oremus pro invicem,

Katie, Dan, Annemarie and Claire

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