Sunday, June 1, 2014

Birth of the Woman Who Gave Me Birth

Was today.  June 1st.  No, I don't know how old she is, and dare not ask today. But she's getting up there. Looks good though: very young in spirit and in smile.  I'd do well to take after her there.

Wish I could claim a more personal touch to it all, but I got her a cake at Stop and Shop, and yellow flowers, and dressed up. I expect I'll like to see my daughters dressed up for my birthday when they're too old to be forcibly dressed in frilly clothes.

When she left my front porch party to be feted by my other siblings, I drove that mini van off to a Mom's Night Out, where I was overdressed.  I expect when the destination is a discount cinema, you come in jeans, right?  I got a little teased.

So that's how, an hour before my self-imposed "deadline," I owe y'all a (short) post. Because for better or worse, I'm blogathoning again.  I look forward to writing with you more.

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