Sunday, November 3, 2013

Inside this present darkness

Welcome to the darkness, my friends.  In my spot on the planet, it's dark around 5:30 now.  5:30. Makes me want to bury my head in the sand, but then that would be even more dark.  So no.  I will sit here, looking out at the darkness.  Can be pretty...

No, I'm in a fab mood, no sweat.  This is how my face looks right now :D  Just like this. :D 


I won't deny that there's a beauty to the changing seasons that I would miss if I lived in, say, San Diego.  The blue of hot summer seashores to the orange of chilling leaves to the quiet white of winter to the swelling green of spring.  It's awesome.  And I love color.  I just don't favor the cold and dark part. :P

Thankfully, we live in a century of indoor heat and light.  So, my family is finding more time for music and dancing, riotously practicing lines to the total four plays we're in, already cuddling up to extra stories and home movies.  And more dancing.  They are currently putting on shows for each other.  Note exquisite playroom organization...

Been a tiring few days.  Halloween, followed by All Saints' Day, completed by All Souls' Day.  

Yes, my husband is "Floating Head" :)

This was pre-party games, MORE candy, followed by church filled with loud, tired, sugared kids :D
I love how "Holy Mother Church" guides us into the physical darkness of these shorter days, gently reminding us that we are mortal, that we need to pray for each other--those here and those gone before--and calling to mind the glories that await us.  Amen.  Alleluia!

Linking up to a new "Blog hop" called "What I wore Sunday."  I mean, why not?  Fortunately for you, my girls wanted a shot of me here (of course we visited the cemetery for All Souls'), so I have (most of) a wardrobe pic just for you.  Since you need to know what I wore today. 

Cecilia is modeling my coat
Lots of good luck is wished to my fellow parents, as our kids all wake up at 5 AM this week.  Have a gentle transition into the night, dear friends, and strong coffee in the morning. 

"But darkness shall not be dark to you, and night shall be light as day." Psalm 139:12


  1. The Present Darkness (along with Piercing the Darkness) are my favorite books of all time..seriously.

    And, after having lived in FL for 3 years, I totally appreciate the cold and darkness and changing seasons. You have to go through the cold winter to really appreciate the summer warmth. :)