Friday, November 15, 2013

Bless me Blogger, For I Am Human

(And you, Blogger, are incooperative.  At least in your app form.)  Here's seven "quick takes" on life as a single mom, with spouse on a business trip...

1.  Ever got cut off on a phone conversation and not realize it?  And you keep talking?  Yeah, that's kind of how it works when you are blogging on an I-Phone app but it's not really publishing the posts.  It's just sending them into the ether.  Groan...

2.  I've been sloppier than that this past week though: while my husband was in sunny L.A. on a conference, touring about in an electric blue Mustang convertible, I held my own in our mud green Sienna mini van... I'm not going to tell you how many fast food dinners were held in there this week.  :D  The important thing is that everyone got fed, right?  Even when your four year-old actually starts offering to clean the van with you... even then?  Yeah.  Still a parenting win, for sure...

3.  Not that I didn't cook too, of course, I did... and I discovered the brilliance of what I'll call "tub feeding."  It's getting late, you need to get your toddler fed, bathed, and ready for bed, and you're playing single mom for the week... guess what?  You can do it all at once!  Yep, spoon feed your kid while she plays in the tub, shampoo and rinse said kid, brush her teeth, and towel dry.  I felt very productive until it took her three hours to settle down and get to bed after the excitement of it all.

4.  So yes, I'm tired, which doesn't help me get my necessary alone time with the laptop... that and the fact that my oldest now uses this device all the time for homeschooling.  So I'm forced to do other things--like dishes--while she does schoolwork... 

5.  When I can do something as athletic as dishes, that is.  My over-enthusiastic attempt to return to kickboxing resulted in me wobbling very non-defensively through the house for days, popping Advil like candy.  I'm better now, finally, I think.  But yeah.  It's been a long week.  

6.  The highlight has definitely been that we're full swing into Christmas Carol rehearsals.  I've been earmarked as the goofball.  And this is (really) fun.   Haven't been in theatre since college and... oh, such a treat.  So far, we've "worked" on a Christmas party scene which opens up the traditional play.  And I'm the hostess.  Tee hee...:D

7.  More writing when I'm not the only adult around here.... only got this far because I pressed my 11 year-old into service settling little ones to sleep.  And all but she and I are finally out.

God bless 'em, every one.

Love when they sleep like this... :)

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  1. I love when they sleep with there little tushies in the air too! :)

    Congrats on surviving the week alone - I might be tempted to pop more than Advil! Genius idea that tub feeding, too...genius.