Monday, December 10, 2012

Just when I thought I was perfect....

Husband: "Hey Kate! You're coming off glib."
Me, coaxing dancing babe into a diaper: "Glib?"
Hubby: "Yeah, glib. Like you have the best take on everything and stuff."

Now I hope that's not true. I truly don't want to come off as obnoxious. I love hearing differing opinions. So if I come off as annoying, do remember when I blog, I'm writing instead of sleeping, and so at times I really would edit more if I were conscious. Really, I would.

But yes, I have "a" take on things. Not (necessarily) the best one. I'm open to growing in wisdom and grace. I'm only 34.

No I'm not always right, a huge shock I'm sure. For instance, I just again drove past the Amazing (barf) store tonight. Turns out I led you astray... that cookie really is being a vixen. She was whipping off a brassiere made of starlight mints; I'd missed that before. No wonder the gingerbread man looked shocked.

My take (since you asked): objectively these pastries are behaving in a salacious manner rather unbefitting desserts. But in my undying optimism, I'm gonna assume that there is a preexisting condition which would push this whole flirtation towards more venial matter. My take? They're married.

"Hey Dan! Was that glib? Oh dear..."

I have also been informed by the domestic editor-in-chief that my posts are too long. This will be remedied shortly. -TLC


  1. NB--Criticism was not intended, just a "be watchful for..." And for the record I never said anything about the posts being too long...they're great! :)

  2. I like your stuff! And hey, if my ridiculously short attention span means that I can't finish a reading a long post, then I just stop reading midse......