Monday, March 17, 2014

Turning green

After a wee bit o' tidying up around o, say, 2 AM, I decided I would be postponin' the corned beef and cabbage plans.

Aye, I'm here now. Typing in me fake Irish accent for ya, as I turn green instead o' wearin' it.  It's different, 'tis.  Can't say that I recommend it.

From the top o' the morning, I've been tryin' to nibble on Cheerios, I am, and sip juice, but the wee ones just made off with it 'tall, and now are demandin' I play hide n' seek.


So I must be off.  Thanks for your prayers to get me back in the pink, and I'll be talking with you soon now. Got all kinds o' things to talk about, mind, it's just that I've been editin' and actin' and now I took a turn. But it will all be over soon, 'twill, in a day or two. Or it better be, I did me time back in December... right?

God love you.

1 comment:

  1. So sorry to hear you're not so well, lass -- oh dear, my fake Irish accent is even worse on paper than it is in person, so I'll just send well wishes in my own waspy way!