Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Missing out on meteors

"Moscow was leveled this morning!  Taken out by an meteor!  And an asteroid may hit us at 2:48 this afternoon!  Just didn't want you to worry if your neighborhood starts exploding, we're not at war: it's just a space rock.  Get the kids in the basement."

I sighed.  My week is busy.  My life is full.  Packed with appointments and errands to run.  I had failed to schedule in an apolcolypse.  Based on the extended family member who was relaying this information to me on my cell phone as I headed out the door, I had reasonable hope the veracity of the claim left much room for survival of our species.  Still, even as I rolled my eyes and hung up, I found myself edgy.  And consequently annoyed at said alarmist, well-meaning family member. 

I have a few of these people in my family.  Usually the one who sends the forwards of impending doom is an elderly female in-law.  Her most recent disappointment--that I'm aware of--included the lack of a celestial body crashing into D.C. last December.  (She had planned to move based on this obscure prophecy.)  And I believe she stills smarts over how we all managed to pull through Y2K as well as we did.  To her great credit, she had filled her swimming pool with fresh water for the use of the neighbors during the expected mayhem of 2000, and convinced several family members to darken the doors of confessionals for the first time in years.  So I guess, all is truly well that ends well.  Though she has most recently informed us, in the direst of terms, "I know who the future pope is... but I'm not sure God wants me to tell you."  ???

We seemed to have survived the whirling of the planets so far, and Moscow--while distressed by the visitations of flying space objects--still stands. As does California, which saw a nearby meteor zoom by.  I am struck by the fact that, while we all naturally want to know why God allows tragic natural disasters, that we aren't as impressed when He spares us from them.  For instance, while there were hundreds of injuries from exploding glass from the atmospheric disturbance, no deaths were reported from the Moscow meteor incident.  I think that's pretty incredible.  God has a plan for us, and I'm grateful my day has not involved flying space objects. 

What has my day involved...  I mean my head's not always in space here... Well, it's school vacation week, so I have all four of my beautiful ladies at home with me.  I tried to be "Awesome Crafty Involved Mom" this morning, and did origami and some cooking with the girls, producing a quiche that was really a frittata since an extra two cups of cheese was grated in through sheer girlish enthusiasm.  (No of course they won't eat it.)

While preparing to wash the bowls, I realized the sink was seriously plugged.  Like, hopeless.  Like it had scoffed at the Pinterest recipe of vinegar and baking soda you are thinking of mentioning to me right this very moment, and also Draino, and "snaking," and was not even slow seeping any more.  Just nothing.  This became somewhat apparent to me when the sink became a fountain during the dishwasher rinse cycle. 

I resigned myself to wait for the plumber, and ran a bath for my two little ones, grateful we had at least that drain working.  That is, until baby relieved herself in the tub, significantly.  Removing the protesting baby from her unique potty attempts and calming the toddler yelling, "Yuck!  Oh BABY!  Eww!"  I cleaned the disaster, and meanwhile had the older girls bring their leftover cereal bowls so I could rinse them in the still working bathroom sink.

In the midst of my cleaning attempts of the tub, a spoon fell from the bowl I held and slipped into the actively flushing toilet bowl.  It's gone.  I've tried to retrieve it... telling you how is really TMI, but take my word for it, I tried, screaming naked, half-washed babies nearby. The half full part is that the toilet works so far...  Fishing for hope from the plumber while he fixed my kitchen sink "Any chance the spoon will just go through?  Please?"  He grinned and said no, but it was an easy fix: we just had to remove the toilet and tip it and we'd find it.  No problem.

Again, thank you Lord for protecting us from asteroids.  Please give me the patience to carry the little crosses I have.  :) TLC

"When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?"
                                                                                                                                       Psalm 8:3-4

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